We love accepting challenges and transforming them into opportunities. At Neodatalytics, we help you develop a highly efficient database allowing you to maintain a herculean amount of historical data for accelerating your business decision-making process. We facilitate a comprehensive data warehousing, business intelligence and data science that range from storing crucial data to predicting your business performance from analyzing past trends.

Data Analysis & Mining

The exponential growth of data in volumes & varieties increases the need for robust data analysis to ascertain productive insights. Our long term experience in Data Mining and Data Analysis has equipped us to implement services complying with the current market and customer demands.

Data Warehousing

Availability of accurate information in the timely fashion is the primary purpose of any data warehousing services. At Neodatalytics, we perform an in-depth analysis of the condition of your data architecture. Then, we use appropriate tools and methods to ensure a faster flow of precise data at the time of your need.

Gone are the days when data warehousing used to be a gargantuan task. With us by your side, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Business Intelligence

We employ sophisticated business intelligence solutions that assist you in planning your business campaigns, measure campaign performance, set internal & external benchmarks, observe issues and take prompt actions against the issues. Our Business Intelligence services include Forecasting, optimization, trend analysis, budget planning, financial reporting, performance analysis etc.

Data Science

We have proven expertise in utilizing superior analytical models to generate quality demand predictions. Our data science solutions promote a better and faster decision process for your Organization.

We use proven technologies to support your business by reducing cost and allowing for easy integration with all major platforms & applications. If your business needs effective DW, BI, Data Science Solutions – Look no further than Neodatalytics.